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You have been dreaming of the perfect wedding since you were about ten years old, you will find that there's still a great deal of planning ahead. Choosing the wedding dress and wedding hair style and dealing with all of the finicky details will consume your life from now until your wedding day. Determining your personal wedding style can help you during this process.

Look at Photos 
Start by perusing wedding photos and ideas and saving the ones that excite you. There doesn’t have to be any rhyme or reason to the photos you choose, just that you like them. Then, take a look at your saved photos and try to find some common ground between them. Are there certain colors you gravitate toward? Or do the photos all come from weddings at a specific venue type?

Casual or Formal
One of the most basic decisions you’ll need to make is if you want a casual or formal wedding. Do you picture your guests wearing long gowns and tuxes in a grand ballroom or having a picnic-style reception outside - or something in between?

Dream Venue
Is there a particular venue where you’ve always dreamed of getting married? Or even just a type of venue that you like - a beach, garden, ballroom or historic inn, perhaps? Think about the type of wedding that would best fit with your ideal venue - a beach wedding calls for a more casual feel, while a wedding at a historic inn could be more vintage-inspired. Often times the venue you choose is the first step to deciding on your wedding style - it helps narrow down the options.

Talk It Out 
Sit down with your fiance(e) and have an open and frank discussion about how each of you picture your wedding day. Start by each writing down a list of adjectives that describe your ideal wedding, then compare lists. Make a note of the words you have in common, as well as the words that you disagree on. Try to find common ground and come up with a final list of "wedding adjectives" to share with vendors as you meet them.

Be Consistent
Once you have decided on your wedding style, it’s important to stay focused, especially when dealing with your vendors. If you’re planning a formal and classic wedding, don’t switch to a vintage-inspired and casual wedding halfway through the planning process. Make a decision and stick with it for your own sanity!

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