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Hello my beautiful people! We've had wonderful days of sun and we want it or not, we have already started to think about spring. More than seems incredible Valentine's Day is approaching! The time has passed very fast, right? In partnership with Weddingshe, I decided to choose two different dresses and other two from Asos also of different cuts. But they all have one thing in common, elegance! Each of them can be shaped differently to each type of body. So, here are some tips to choose your perfect spring dress.

Dressing the petite figure (Dress 1)
Dresses with eye-catching cutouts or embellishments in the center around the waistline draw attention and visually elongate the torso more compact. Another great trick: dresses with vertical seams and panels draw the eye up and down, making the body Appear long and lean.

Enhancing the boyish figure (Dress 2)
The "boyish" figure Refers to the torso That Is almost up-and-down straight, with shoulder, waist, and hip measurements are que Roughly the same. The lightweight, flowy dress will Provide soft, feminine lines and movement on your body. The high neckline will flatter broad shoulders and add style to a loose fitting dress. Try a dress that's cinched at the waist for added shaping.

Maximizing an hourglass figure (Dress 3)
Let your natural curves of all the work and stick with simple, basic silhouettes. Try bold, graphic prints for added excitement instead of choosing more complicated, intricate designs.

Flattering broad shoulders and narrow hips (Dress 4)
For this body type, the dress with the opposite shaping is the perfect choice! Try a fitted top with a full, flowing skirt to create the perfect balance. Overcut sleeves skim over the shoulders, creating a smooth, sleek look.

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  1. Lovely photos!

    master class Lush brand: http://starlingdays.blogspot.com/2015/01/lush.html

  2. Qualquer um dos vestidos é lindo!
    O que achas de seguirmos o blog uma da outra? Já sigo o teu há algum tempo! ;)


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