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Hello my beautiful people. Today the third post about formal dresses we will talk about one of the most important things. Details, they are what make all the difference, be it small or large. It's easy to open the closet in the morning and pick out clothes for work or school, with the run the day to day in the times we do not notice the small details.
Often also think that small details are not noticed by other people and they do not make a difference but they do. With the holidays coming days and even in our day to day (I personally attach great importance to details) should have the attention to every detail.

What are the small details we should pay attention to?

1.Keep it simple
Simplicity is our best friend, and when it comes to details no exception.
Many details (accessories, colors, patterns) can be too much, so be careful.

2. Small changes
Sometimes the details need not be in our clothing can be a new haircut or try a new makeup.

3. Speak with your hands
Everybody looks at your hands. You use them to talk, shake hands, sign papers, everything. And well groomed nails and soft hands are one of the most important style details that are often overlooked when trying to make a good impression. You don’t have to have perfectly manicured nails all the time, but chipped polish, dirty hands and broken fingernails are going to say all the wrong things. Keep your nails short, clean and groomed at all times and keep your hands well moisturized.

4. Cuts, lengths, textures, patterns, applications
When it comes the details, everything is important. An open back dress, as in the images above can make all the difference. With that little detail can become the center of attention. But a good standard, a different texture or even the length of the dress is important.

Hope you liked it and give a sneak peek on the School Formal Dresses from FormalDressAustraulia
Have a nice weekend!

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