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Hello my lovelies! I hope you had a wonderful month of October and the month of November will be even better. In May I had the pleasure of working with the dear Hera and we turn now to cross in November. Hera asked me to do 4 posts about Formal Dresses. I didn't think twice, it was pretty clear that the first post would be about so important and famous LBD (Little Black Dress). The dress that every woman should have in her closet. Perhaps one of the most important pieces, the Little Black Dress, as many women say, is the essential. A dress that can take us almost anywhere, a dinner, a cocktail party, working, job interview, etc. Fashion Historians have attribute the origins of the little black dress, to the designs of Coco Chanel in 1920. Now let the story of the little black dress and pass to what really matters. How to wear a little black dress and how to diversify?  Here are some suggestions to be able to wear your Little Black Dress without being repeating the same look and so diversifying more:

1.Update your little black dress with bold statement accessories
Bold, futuristic accessories

2.Dress up your black dress with polka-dot tig
Whether your black dress is sleek or frilly, kick up its volume by adding a pair of creative tights

3.Update your little black dress with a pumped-up hairstyle
Whether your black dress is sleek or frilly, kick up its volume by adding a pair of creative tights

4.Pair your little black dress with animal-print heels
Leopard-print shoes will imbue your ladylike little black dress with a sexy edge

5.Throw a blazer over your little black dress
Ten times cooler than a pashmina or worn-in office cardigan, a tailored jacket will make the whole day-to-evening-to-dance-floor transition a total cinch

6. Update your little black dress with bling
With so many glitzy, eye-catching earrings and bracelets, no one will notice if you’re using your favorite little black dress, two (or three) weekends in a row.

7. Dress up your neckline with lots of long necklaces
Not only do they look festive and fun, but über-long necklaces’ll make you look long and lean too

8. Wear some faux fur.
 Wear a little faux-fur with your Little black dress end you will be the Queen of the night

And you already have your Little Black Dress? Not, then can always visit Formal DressAustralia and choose your favorite dress. Hope you liked it!

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